Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Wild Man

Rawlings is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING! He pulls up on everything and speed crawls all around. He is the smiliest happiest little thing that makes it much easier to not get mad at him when he dumps my purse on his head

Just making sure Aubrey is happy outside

Hi Mommy

Taylor getting ready to go to school. Had to take this picture as they were both watching a school bus outside. How sweet is she with her hand on his back?

Don't leave me Mommy

Oh YES he can climb the entire staircase. The baby gates are back....ohh how I have NOT missed them. Taylor is not happy about the baby gates and doesn't appreciate getting locked upstairs

Just reading his book and drinking some tea

Poor Aunt Kack! Taylor wanted to make sure she had enough toys and a pair of sunglasses for her pretend nap.

Rawlings eats everything! Taylor on the other hand eats like 10 things and 5 of those 10 are candy:) Rawlings has been crying when I feed him baby food so I figured he was ready for some real food for meals. He eats all my meals so he knows what he is missing out on. I gave him mac n cheese last night. LOVE is an understatement. He inhaled it!!

Licking his fingers clean! As you can imagine bath time occurred right after this meal. There was mac n cheese in his hair, his toes even in his diaper.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Splish Splash

Rub-a-dub, dub we don't seem to like water in our tub.

(My comedy act is here all week)

Taylor is digging Rawlings being able to enjoy bath time minus his big, bulky infant tub. Rawlings sitting in the big tub makes bath time much more fun!

See something familiar in this picture?!? This is cute Alice-Cole and William. Rawlings is definitely a MOSS

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thank Goodness They are Comfy....

Taylor is obsessed with her babies right now. Not in taking good care of her babies since they are both naked. Really she just makes sure they take lots of good comfortable naps, attend all car rides, grocery store runs and they wait in her carseat while she goes to school. So lucky me now gets to carry an 8 month old baby, a 2 1/2 year old toddler, a massive fabulous purse and two naked dolls.

Baby 1 is very cozy in her swing.

Baby #2 really likes the Jumping John. When I walk into any room which might have a sleeping baby I am immediately told..."Shhh baby sleeping".

Here is my happy little boy in MY new favorite toy. My friend is letting me borrow it and I LOVE it. He just walks around and plays with all the different toys. Why do I like it so much??? Because he cant escape and I dont have to chase this crawling , into EVERYTHING cute little boy!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taylor Goes to Preschool!!

Last Tuesday was Taylor's first day of preschool. She was very excited about sporting her new book bag and lunch box. There were no tears shed by Taylor....momma on the other hand started crying when we pulled up to the church. I talked big game about being pumped about her going to school and then cried when she actually left. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed my three hours and was shocked at how fast they went by.

So excited to go to school

Had to get a cute picture of her running to the car with her cute book bag.

John and Taylor walking to her classroom...John is telling me to stop crying at this point:)

Me: "Taylor put your book bag and lunch box in the buckets"

Tay: "No MINE I hold them"

Dear Mrs Lynne, Please remove MINE from Taylor's vocabulary...Thanks

Taylor and her bud Eve!

Had to stick this picture in of my "manly man"! Thanks Grady for letting us borrow your carhartt overalls

Lastly my latest creation! Happy Halloween!! I made one for Taylor's friend Eve so they could have cute matching reversible Halloween dresses. Now someone have a party so they can wear them!!

As Taylor sobbed today when I dropped her off at school...Im thinking the novelty of school has worn of quickly!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Way Behind on the Blog Posts..

Lots going on and I have fallen WAY behind on the blog posts...whoops! Here are a few pictures from a few different days. We are all doing great and survived the Earthquake and Hurricane Irene. I have decided to be nicer to people, blog more, drink less and attend church every Sunday all in hopes that we do not have another weather week like last week:)

Dinner at GiGi and PaPa's!

Sadly this was the best picture that I could get of the three of them. Can you guess who was not cooperating? Hint that person is not in the picture below.

GiGi and Rawlings

Taylor was really missing Gaga that night.

Creek Weekend with Alexander, Anne Taylor and Isabel

Hi John!
Rawlings enjoying some dindin

I attempted to get a shot of the three kids. Didn't go over so well as you can see

Alexander and Isabel

John, Alexander and the kiddos

Isabel and Taylor enjoying an entire box of wheat thins

Pool time!

Taylor starts preschool on Tuesday....Let me wipe the tear that is rolling down my cheek. Don't let me fool you its a happy, excited tear for my 3 hours of "calm" every Tuesday and Thursday. Lets make it really calm...who wants to watch my easy baby Rawlings?

Not a very good picture of my cute boy, but you can see his little tooth.

This picture is from today. We were heading to pre-K orientation and Taylor and Rawlings were having a quick conversation. Taylor liked her classroom and teachers because they had treats at her seat. After she tried to eat them immediately through the plastic I had to tell her that she couldn't eat them until we got home. So for the 15 minutes we were in her classroom she said "Mommy I want to go home" OVER AND OVER again. I'm really hoping she wanted to leave because of the treats and not for the fact she didn't want to go to school

Lastly, this probably wont come as a surprise, but once I get in to something I get OBSESSED. So the main reason I haven't updated my blog is because I am obsessed with sewing. I cant stop buying fabric and ribbons. I am pretty sure the ladies at the fabric store are tired of seeing me and my wild kiddos. I have sewn three dresses now. THANK YOU Terry for taking the time to teach me. Wait tell you see all the new patterns and fabric I have now:) John isn't really digging my new hobby since he lost his nighttime TV partner.

This dress is called the Earthquake Jumper because Terry and I were sewing it when the earthquake hit. Imagine purple or lime green tights underneath and a brown turtleneck

This jumper I did by myself. It was a lot easier when I had Terry around:)

This is Taylor's Auburn dress!!

Amanda, How cute would it be with a monogram? Hopefully you can put one on it for me:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Whoop, Whoop Two Years in a Row

...That John and Fitzhugh are the big winners of the Fredericksburg Open Men's Doubles Tennis Tournament. To take the title they had to take down William and Joel. I'm pretty sure this was the first time I have cheered against William...Sorry William! Happy John = Happy Household:)

The Champions! Are you wondering what that feminine braided thing is around John's head? Yes, me too

The 2010 Victory Picture! You probably are thinking the same thing I am....John retire the Wake Forest T-Shirt...or maybe its good luck!

William, Fitzhugh, Josaphine and Joel

Taylor about to give some love to Gaga

Taylor ready for a quick tennis lesson

How cute is my little tennis player? Thanks Gigi for the tennis dress and MG for the bow

We might need to work on the racquet head facing open:)

"Yay Daddy won....air conditioning please"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rawlings 6 Month Photos

My heart melts looking at Rawlings 6 month photos. Here is proof that he is one HAPPY baby! Please, please let him stay this way!! Let me know your favorites....because currently I am wanting to buy them all!

These are my favorite ones, but you can see them all by going to and our password is rawlings72711